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  • Share transaction

    ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA ("ABGSC") sold on 13 July 2018 400,000 ASC-shares to a partner on a forward contract with settlement 1 August 2023 at a price of NOK 5.68 per share. The price is reflecting the restrictions imposed on partner shares.

    ABGSC owns 14,988,739 treasury shares. The company has forward contracts with partners purchasing a total of 41,515,500 shares with settlement in 2018 - 2023. ABGSC has authorization to re-purchase its shares in the market or to issue new shares.

    Contacts: Geir B. Olsen, CFO +47 22 01 60 35 Read more
  • Q2 2018 Interim Report


    - Revenues of NOK 309m vs NOK 297m last year (+4%) Revenues for first six months of NOK 614m vs NOK 609m last year

    - Underlying EPS of NOK 0.11 compared to NOK 0.12 last year Underlying EPS for first six months of NOK 0.23 vs NOK 0.24 last year NOK 15m donation to Foundation reduces reported EPS by NOK 0.03

    - Annualised first half return on equity of 23% Robust capitalisation (capital ratio of 16.5%) and liquid balance sheet

    Please find attached the full Q2 2018 Interim Report and the Investor Presentation.

    Contacts: Knut Brundtland, CEO +47 22 01 60 07 Geir B. Olsen, CFO +47 22 01 60 35 Read more
  • Invitation to presentation of Q2 2018 results

    ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA will release the Q2 2018 Report on 13 July 2018. A presentation of the figures will be held at 09:00 (CET). The presentation will be held in Norwegian and take place in the company's office in Vika Atrium in Oslo. Read more

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